Course curriculum

  • 2

    Fostering Confident Independence Through Separation.

    • Fostering Independence Through Separation: Nighttime

    • Fostering Independence Through Separation

    • Separation Training: Flow Chart 1 Steps 1-7

    • Separation Training: Flow Chart 2 Steps 8-14

    • Separation Training: Flow Chart 3 Steps 15 on

    • Separation Training: Daytime

    • Fostering Independence Through Separation: Daytime

    • Teaching Independence Through Separation: Socialization

    • Separation Training: Socialization Visual

  • 3

    Creating Calm and Confidence: Alternating Freedom and Togetherness

    • Alternating Freedom and Confinement.

    • Designing a schedule

    • Alternating Puppies: Socialization, Exercise, and Exploration

    • Alternating Puppies: Socialization, Exercise, and Exploration Flowchart

  • 4

    The Skills Trifecta: Play, Training, and Calming Yourself Down

    • Activities, Skills, and Play

    • Activities To Foster Calm When Together And Apart

    • Training Skills For Manners and Calming Down

    • Play: When it’s appropriate, When it’s not, and how to calm it down.

    • Is this play ok? Flowchart

  • 5

    Moving Into Adulthood.

    • Wrapping Up As Puppies Grow Into Adulthood.