Course curriculum

  • 2

    Why are we talking about poop again?

    • Is poop really that important?

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  • 3

    Management is Magic: Understanding Progression and Change

    • Management: Changing And Adapting The Pen Over Time

    • Let’s Define Management!

    • Management, Change, and Progressing.

  • 4

    Whelping Box Design: Start Early For Success.

    • It All Starts In The Whelping Box

    • Litter Box Placement: Tips For Success

    • Whelping Box Design

    • Starting Early: Whelping Box Preparations

    • Starting Early: Whelping Box Design and Placement

  • 5

    Weaning Pen: Think, Plan, Execute.

    • Practical Pen Design

    • Principles of Pen Design

    • Designing Practical Weaning Pens That Work.

    • Practical Pen Design 2: Toilet Zone

    • Weaning Pen: Think, Plan, then Execute.

    • Bonus: FB Live on Weaning Pen Design

  • 6

    Toilet Zone: Litter Box Design

    • Litter Box Substrates: Pros and Cons

    • Toilet Zone: A Little Planning Now Will Save You A Lot Of Work Later.

    • Success Station Litter Box

    • Toilet Zone: Designing a Litter Box That Works

    • Toilet Zone: Designing a litter box that works.

    • Toilet Zone: Substrate Guide

    • Toilet Zone: Litter Box Placement Tips

  • 7

    Resting Zone: A Place To Unwind

    • Resting Zone: A Place To Unwind.

    • Resting Zone: A Place To Relax.

    • Resting Zone Highlights

  • 8

    Play Zone: A place to play.

    • Play Zone: The Everchanging Place To Grow And Learn.

    • Play Zone: Webinar

    • Play Zone: Fun and Function

  • 9

    The Great Outdoors: Supplemental Spaces

    • Supplemental Spaces

    • Supplemental Spaces Webinar

    • The Great Outdoors and Other Supplemental Spaces

  • 10

    Weaning Pen Expansion

    • Moving Out Of The Whelping Box

    • Weaning Pen: Expanding And Adding A Formal Litter Box.

    • Expanding The Weaning Pen

    • Weekly Progression and Weaning Pen Expansion

  • 11

    Routines Become Habits: Making the most of it.

    • Teaching Puppies To Potty On Cue.

    • Success Station

    • Routines - Thinking Ahead

    • Outdoor Spaces: Making the most of them.

    • Weekly Progression: Moving Things Forward Incrementally.

  • 12

    FAQs and Problem Solving

    • Nighttime Pee/Poop Outside The Litter Box.

    • How Many Pads For The Weaning Pen?

    • Accidents in the resting zone.

    • The Single Most Frequently Asked Question.